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Searchable, Scalable Storage Solution for FluorVivo Images

Eliminate time wasted while searching for your images - BioLiberator is a new application option for FluorVivo that provides the capability to store, search and retrieve all your FluorVivo images.

    BioLiberator for FluorVivo achieves two goals:
  • Storage and indexing of image files acquired by the FluorVivo family of in vivo fluorescence imaging systems, and
  • Providing keyword searches and retrievals from the database of FluorVivo image files on your FluorVivo system.

With BioLiberator as part of your imaging system, INDEC BioSystems software can access the database to perform query and retrieve of archived files, allowing you to open files directly in the INDEC analysis software. Newly acquired files, newly annotated and saved files, or files on CD/DVD can all be easily stored and indexed on the BioLiberator system. In short, BioLiberator is the ideal searchable storage solution for your FluorVivo system.

    Essential and Unique Features: BioLiberator for FluorVivo
  • BioLiberator provides a unique, low-cost solution to the common problem of how to search and manage large amounts of information
  • Automatically indexes and maintains a database of image files
  • Handles FluorVivo multi-image TIFF files and movies
  • Query and retrieve files based on keywords such as organ imaged, probe used, animal ID number, study date, file name, investigator and more
  • Semi-automated file transfer from CD/DVD to storage
  • Includes optional external USB or eSATA drives for flexible, scalable storage that can easily be added to your FluorVivo system
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BioLiberator is fully compatible with and integrated within the FluorVivo family of imaging systems that support real-time color in vivo fluorescence imaging.

Support for DICOM Images
If you are interested in database support for DICOM images, please contact us for more information.

  • Software (Watcher and Query modules) installed on your FluorVivo computer
  • User-specified disk storage on external USB or eSATA hard disks

Please contact us for more details.


BioLiberator™ (pdf)
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Acquired Image
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