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FluorVivo Pathfinder™
Open Chamber Fluorescence Imaging System for Small and Large Animals

The new FluorVivo Pathfinder represents the next generation in preclinical fluorescence-guided surgery for small and large animals. Our system provides real-time multicolor image guidance during preclinical surgery while displaying a full sized real-time image that allows excellent hand-eye coordination.

FluorVivo Pathfinder supports a wide range of probes, allowing you to choose from ICG (near IR) to CFP/GFP (visible). The system permits surgery under moderate ambient light levels. The fabric barrier surrounding the open field of view provides direct access to the animal while maintaining a clean, dark environment. (FluorVivo Probe List)

FluorVivo Pathfinder performs background subtraction and spectral separation of autofluorescence, in real time. Background regions can be shown in gray or hidden for best visualization of the fluorescent structures.

The FluorVivo Pathfinder Model 100 is a single wavelength system whose modular design allows upgrades to accommodate multiprobe applications and cameras with more speed and sensitivity options. For microsurgical applications, complement the system with the FluorVivo Mag, for magnification to cellular level.

The Model 300 adds multiple fluorescence channels of the user's choice. Switching from one channel to another is as simple as moving a slider.

    Essential and Unique Features of FluorVivo Pathfinder
  • Provides interactive, real-time imaging for natural hand-eye coordination
  • Can be optimized for simultaneous imaging (in a single exposure) of both GFP and RFP
  • Multicolor imaging provides images in full, natural color - no learning curve required
  • Motorized optical zoom for convenient, adjustable magnification
  • Foot pedals provide hands-free image capture and manipulation
  • Quantitative fluorescence imaging - both manual and automated - for image analysis
  • Lowest cost of ownership on the market for this level of technology
  • System is portable - pick the system up by hand and move it

Typical Applications
Typical applications include real time imaging for the detection of cancer cells and investigations into tumor pathology, transplantation, implantation and gene therapy.

The Power of Pathfinder
In vivo fluorescence imaging techniques offer significant capabilities for fluorescence guided surgery

  • Fast - Real-time, true color, dynamic video imaging
  • Simple - software is powerful and easy to use
  • Efficient - streamlined operation, for use by a single person
  • Flexible - Multiple distinct fluorescent markers and genetic control of expression of fluorescent proteins permit almost unlimited experimental possibilities
  • Multiple wavelength support - ready to take optimal advantage of new markers (new fluorescent proteins, nanocrystals, qdots)
  • Affordable - new low price point, no maintenance cost

More than the Sum of its Parts
Imaging with the Pathfinder can be as simple as this: Place the anesthetized animal on the surgical platform and start Pathfinder - imaging starts immediately.

The system allows you to screen the animal before anesthesia - for a clear, rapid preview of your fluorescence target.

This unique combination of capabilities and affordability makes Pathfinder the most cost-effective in vivo fluorescence guided surgery system available.

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